Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To Be a Lady

Good afternoon, lovelies!

Today we will be continuing our adventure in uncovering the topic of discrimination within our nation. And with this, I bring up the topic of women's rights in the Civil War Era. As stated in this link, women were seen as lesser in the eyes of men. Upon marriage, they were to surrender their rights of property to their husbands. Women were seen as housewives instead of equal beings. They could not even have the same educational benefits as men, much less work. Tending children and taking care of house duties was their work unfortunately. It wasn't until events such as the Women's Rights Convention that women finally got their voice. This caused things like state laws to be passed giving property rights back to women and eventually even the right to vote!

Another link I would like to bring up is one that I found very empowering. Within it is stories of women who became nurses in support of the soldiers in the war. Organized societies provided the troops with food, clothing, and even cash. They were there for the cause, and some even went farther by disguising themselves as men and fighting in the war! That is what I call a badass group of women! They took it upon themselves to both tend to the wounded soldiers and fight alongside the them. It shows how misunderstood the women were and how they were capable of so much more than they are given credit for. Articles like these prove how far these women went to prove themselves as equal. What inspirations they are!

I admire how these strong women stood up for equality and started a movement that is still in power today. Without them, being a woman would be seen as a flaw instead of a proud equal. Because of them I can vote, I can go to college, I can get a good job, and I can own my own property and have rights in a marriage. I am proud to be a woman, and I hope we can get even farther in equality by fixing things such as wages in the workplace. That is our next step!

Women finally stopped being the neglected Cinderella of the house and became their own Princesses.  Here's to the ladies. *clink*

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  1. I really liked this article! it was really cool to read that some women went as far as to dress up as men just to fight in the war. my question is how far do you think women would have gone to show that their rights are just as important as men's rights and they're equal?